Small stand.  Huge selection and the best prices around hands down!!

Eagle Fireworks

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 Fireworks stand at 9120 Boat Club Rd

Guaranteed the best prices around, shop the others and then save big with us.   Locally owned and Josh has this stand because of a passion for fireworks.

Open daily June 24th - July 4th.   2pm - till 8pm or later.  Check Facebook or google for our updated hours.

We only sell high quality fireworks, don't pay more for cheap quality fireworks.  We hear from new customers all the time at how they have been overcharged!!!  Don't let that happen to you.   The gimmicks are just that, you are not buying 1 and getting 4 free, you are paying high prices for 5!      Items that cost a buck at my stand....yes $1.00...cost $6.00 at the big box stores.

200gram cakes starting at $2.00

500gram cakes starting at $20.00

Excalibur 24 count 60 gram artillery - $75.00